How to wear safety harness properly

Did you know that your fall arrest system is your last line of defense when working at heights? This fall arrest system consists of A, B, and C: Anchorage, Body Safety Harness, and Connecting element. Although all of them are equally important and can’t function without one another, a Body Safety Harness is the one that attaches you and the Anchorage point. The fall arrest system will fail to protect you if you do not use the Body Safety Harness properly.

Body harnesses are designed to ensure that the fall impact forces are equally distributed onto the stronger and fleshy parts of the body. And this article will explain step-by-step how to wear a full-body safety harness properly.

Step-by-step guide

1. Hold the harness by the Dorsal D-ring and shake it

Holding the harness by the Dorsal D-ring and gently shaking it will let the straps fall into the right place, making the putting on process easier.

2. Undo the buckles and release the straps​

If the chest or the leg straps came in buckled conditions, unbuckle them and release the tension on the straps.

3. Slips the strap over your shoulder and adjust the fit​

Ensure the Dorsal D-ring is placed in the middle of the back, in between of the shoulder blades.

4. Connect the leg straps​

The chest straps should fit snuggly and keeping the body harness to remain in place.

5. Connect the chest straps​

The chest straps should fit snuggly and keeping the body harness to remain in place.

6. Adjust the straps so the harness fit snuggly but still allows a full range of motion

When the leg straps are buckled, it should fit snuggly without impacting you to stand straight.

Things to keep in mind

Three more things to pay attention to before putting on the body harness:

  1. Check for any damage, such as frayed or missing threads, cracked webbing, or foreign materials on the harness.
  2. Ensure no crack or bent of metal buckles and D-rings.
  3. Once you put on the harness, always tuck the loose ends of the straps into the strap’s retainers.


The importance of using a body harness correctly is critical since it’s the only thing that attaches you to the fall arrest system. Always ensure your body harness fits snuggly and allows a full range of motion by following the steps above.

If you have any questions about the fall arrest system we provide, feel free to contact our specialists. We will help you evaluate all the factors and provide you with the best recommendation!

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