Sysbel Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

Sysbel Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets

A Safe and Compliant Solution for Storing flammable liquids

One of the major causes of fires is the improper storage and handling of flammable liquids and chemicals.

A fire accident can result in serious consequences, including casualties, property damage, and even the loss of everything you own. In many cases, flammable liquids and chemicals constitute one of the three elements of a fire. Flammable liquid storage cabinet is a simple and effective method to avoid fire risks.

SYSBEL's EN fire-resistant safety cabinets are an excellent solution

To safely store flammable chemicals, improving identification, organization, and flexibility. They meet the European standard EN 1447-1:2004 and have been tested for up to 90 minutes at a high temperature of 1006℃ in accordance with the stringent EN 1361-1 fire resistance test. The maximum temperature of the 15 temperature measurement points in the cabinet was far lower than the standard requirements, ensuring the safety of personnel and the environment in the event of a fire.

Up to 90 Minutes of Protection
in Case of Fire

The Features of Sysbel's Fire-Rated Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinet


High-strength steel plate safety cabinet with fire prevention features

The cabinet is made of a high-strength steel plate and is electrostatically sprayed with orange-stripe molding powder. The surface is easy to clean, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and durable. Multi-layer fireproof gypsum board insulation is used in the cabinet compartment to achieve the purpose of fire prevention.


Durable and fire-rated storage cabinet with automatic door closures

The semi-automatic door can be manually opened or closed in normal use and if a fire occurs, and the temperature reaches 122°F (50°C), the built-in fuse connection system will activate and automatically close the door to protect the contents of the cabinet. The cabinet door has a damping screw to adjust the size of the door force of the switch.


Fireproof insulated cabinet for safe and secure storage

The ventilation holes' baffle plate will automatically close at 158°F (70°C) in a fire environment. The ventilation system can be connected with an exhaust pipe or a circulating air filter.


Certified safety cabinet compliant with TÜV, EN 14470-1, NFPA 30, and OSHA regulations

The safety cabinet complies with EN 14470-1 and complies with NFPA 30, and OSHA regulations. Among them, SE830450 passed TÜV independent fire test and obtained TÜV certification.


Fireproof sealing: Special heat-sensitive materials in cabinet joints

Special heat-sensitive materials are provided in the door joints, and all joints will automatically expand and fill the gaps to ensure that the interior of the cabinet is sealed in case of fire.

Sysbel Flammable LIquid Storage Cabinet complies with NFPA 30 and OSHA regulations


Preventing unauthorized access with cylindrical locks and reflective warning labels on cabinet doors

Each door has a cylindrical lock to prevent unauthorized use effectively. The door is affixed with reflective warning labels in multiple languages that are very conspicuous under the flashlight in case of fire or power failure.


Detachable bottom leakage groove and guide plates to ensure leak-free storagel

The detachable bottom leakage groove is equipped with a guide plate on the three sides, which is used together with the perforated inserts to catch the liquid overflowing from the shelf effectively. The container is placed on the perforated inserts to avoid being soaked in the bottom leaking groove.


Adjustable steel platform for secure flammable liquid placement

It is configured with three standard adjustable steel laminates, with an adjustable spacing of 32 mm for each interval, the load capacity of the laminate is 75KG. The turn-up height of the laminate is 30 mm, which prevents the small container from accidentally slipping off.

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Electrostatic grounding conductive port for static grounding conductors

It is equipped with an electrostatic grounding conductive port to facilitate the connection of static grounding conductors.


Adjustable leveling feet for uneven surfaces

The bottom of the cabinet is provided with adjustable leveling feet, which can balance the cabinet even on uneven surfaces.

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Protect Your workplace with SYSBEL's EN Fire-Resistant Safety Cabinets

SYSBEL's EN Fire-Resistant Safety Cabinets provide safe and compliant storage of hazardous chemicals, meeting European standards and passing fire resistance tests. Features include semi-automatic doors, ventilation, heat-sensitive materials, and adjustable organization. Protect against fire risks and comply with regulations by choosing SYSBEL's cabinets.

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