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Discover a range of cutting-edge firefighting equipment meticulously designed to empower firefighters in the face of adversity. 


Each product is engineered to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring the safety and confidence of frontline heroes. From the formidable Vulcano Neo Fire Helmet to the specialized FHR 008 Max A Protective Suit, the versatile FHR 001 Leather Fire Gloves, and the rugged Rubber Fire Boots in FHR 003 and FHR 004 models, this collection redefines safety and performance.

Innovating Comfort for Safety in Extreme Conditions

Vulcano Neo - Fire Helmet

Vulcan Neo Fire Helmet - a Type B helmet engineered for uncompromised performance in extreme conditions. Meeting the stringent demands of EN 443:2008 for firefighting in structures, EN 16471:2014 for wildland firefighting, EN 16473:2014 for technical rescue, and EN 50365:2002 for electrically insulating helmets on low voltage installations, this helmet offers an unparalleled shield against impact, heat, flame, and electrical hazards.

FHR 008 Max A - Special Protective Suit

FHR 008 Max A Special Protective Suit is a Category 3 personal protective equipment tailored for firefighters engaged in firefighting and rescue operations. Compliant with EU Regulation 425/2016 and adhering to standards such as EN 469:2005+A1:2006+AC:2006 and EN ISO 13688:2013, this suit offers technical precision and ergonomic functionality.

FHR 001 - Leather Fire Gloves

FHR 001 Leather Fire Gloves, offering top-tier protection as category 3 personal protective equipment. Choose between FHR 001S, equipped with a 100% Kevlar® cuff, or FHR 001L, featuring a long leather gauntlet with adjustable strap. Compliant with Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and EN ISO 21420:2020, validated by Notified Body No. 2474 MIRTA-KONTROL d.o.o.

FHR 003 / FHR 004 - Rubber Fire Boots

Rubber Fire Boots, available in FHR 003 and FHR 004 models, meeting Category 3 personal protective equipment standards. These boots adhere to strict EU Regulation 2016/425 and boast conformity with key standards like EN 15090:2012, EN 50321-1:2018, EN 20345:2011, and EN 17249:2013+AC:2014.

Safety in Extreme Environments

In the realm of firefighter safety, Brandbull knows no compromise. Their meticulously crafted gear undergoes rigorous testing, adhering to international safety standards. This ensures that every firefighter is equipped with the finest protective solutions, ready to tackle any situation. Elevate the protection you provide with Brandbull today and introduce the pinnacle of confidence that accompanies top-tier safety gear.

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