Working with metal and steel

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Metal and steel are important materials that have a wide range of applications in many industries due to their strength and durability. Hence, they are used in construction, transportation, electrical wiring, heat exchangers, and many other applications. Their ability to be recycled and reused helps conserve natural resources and reduce waste. Metal and steel play a vital role in many aspects of modern society.

To ensure the safety of workers in the metal and steel industry, it is important to follow proper safety procedures. This includes wearing protective equipment and following proper electrical and fire prevention procedures. Employers should also provide training and resources to workers to help them understand the potential hazards of working with metal and steel and how to protect themselves properly. By following these safety measures, we can reduce the risk of injury and improve the overall safety of the workplace.

PPE to wear when working with metals and steel

At QSS, we offer a wide selection of products that protect against metals and steel hazards. These include cut-resistant gloves, eye and face protection gear, hearing protection, protective footwear, and FR clothing.

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