Ansell AlphaTec® RINGERS R075

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  • Advanced defenses: RINGERS® R075 impact protection gloves’ TPR (thermoplastic rubber) design, developed with F3 Technology™, comfortably protects the top of the hand and full length of the fingers
  • Specialized protection: Tested against EN 374-1 Type A chemical resistance standards, these RINGERS® gloves guard against various hazards*
  • Added safety: With a protective inner liner, they satisfy EN 388 level C and ANSI/ISEA level A3 cut resistance standards
  • Enhanced grip and durability: Grip and durability are also enhanced by these chemical-resistant gloves’ textured palm and PVC coating, resulting in EN 388 level 4 and ANSI/ISEA level 5 abrasion resistance
  • Certified heat resistance: These impact gloves also provide EN 407 level 1 contact heat resistance** *CE-rated for EN 374-1: A (Methanol) J (n-Heptane) K (Sodium Hydroxide 40%) L (Sulfuric Acid 96%) M (Nitric Acid 65%) O (Ammonium Hydroxide 25%)

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